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10 dreaded Monday blues for working class!

India TV News Desk 06 Apr 2015, 19:55:38 PM IST
India TV News Desk

"If only I too had a 'dadaji ki vasiyat', I wouldn't have been here today," - probably on that note most of us start our week. Every Monday, our life seems to take a 'self-actualization' pause, with no results.

While most of us can't do anything but drag ourselves to hit the 9'o clock punch-in deadline at the office, others spend their early morning in traffic jams wondering, "How can all these ***** be so enthusiastic to go to work today...damn!"

Let's take a look at 10 Monday blues that few of us could have dreaded on a Monday!

1. You mean to say Sunday is gone already!


2. My dear weekend I love you, COMEBACK!


3. I should be paid for getting up!


4. Somehow clock manages to work better and faster than you on a Monday!


5. Am I supposed not to repeat what I wore the last week???


6.  A traffic jam on way to work - How can these ***** be enthusiastic to reach office so early!


7. By 4:00 pm: Where am I?, What I am doing here?....


8. It's 7:00 and still working...



9. By end of the day, it feels like our life is switched from Android phone to Nokia Asha!


10. There are still 6 days/ 144 hours/ 518400 seconds to keep doing...