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8 popular soon-to-be-missed Maggi spots around India

As Maggi has been banned by the GOI( due to excessive amount of MSG), and people are still in shock with the decision as they believe that Maggi is not just a 2-minute food but
India TV News Desk June 05, 2015 16:54 IST
India TV News Desk

As Maggi has been banned by the GOI( due to excessive amount of MSG), and people are still in shock with the decision as they believe that Maggi is not just a 2-minute food but an essential in every kitchen, it's a life saviour. As the Maggi debate has captured the whole country; some are speechless whereas some are questioning their survival and there are a few talking about food safety. 

Maggi is more than noodle, it has created so many memories for so many people; it has fought the grave battle of mid-night hunger pang, has saved the lives of hostellers, singles, and lazy ones, and also makes everyone of us a self-proclaimed cook. 

In fact, many tourist spots, especially in hill stations, have popular Maggi points where locals as well as tourists flock-in to relish a plate of Maggi. As a matter of fact, for many Maggi used to be the safest and familiar option for eat if they are away from their regular food. If nothing is available Maggi will always be there, but not anymore!

Interestingly, there are many places around the country that has Maggi points, now after the recent developments will they change their name or stop selling our ‘special' treat?

Here are some places primarily known for their Maggi but what if, this is banned forever?

Tom Uncle's, Delhi University, New Delhi

It is one of the renowned Maggi point and the main attraction of North campus, which is religiously visited by many students of Delhi University. Originally, located opposite Khalsa College this place frequented by many famous alumni also. FYI, Maggi is a life-saviour for student staying in Hostels and PG around the campus.

Mussoorie road, Doom Gaon, Uttarakhand

Mussoorie is one among the most visited hill-stations of India. Be it summer vacations or a weekends off, one can never miss a chance to visit this place. Maggi is a must-have food here while you are exploring this place. It is the most visited Maggi point in Mussoorie and also people come from far off just to taste it.

Hassan Valley, Kufri, Shimla

No doubt this place is beyond imagination, the epitome of natural vegetation. Many tourist visit this place to have a look at its beauty while some especially travel a long way to taste a hot bowl of mouth watering Maggi. Hills bring a different flavour to this simple pack of Maggi.


Rohtang Pass, Manali

In Rohtang Pass, most of the stalls serve Maggi and you may not find many other options except for Maggi in this dream travel destination. The scenic beauty of the surrounding and the delightful bowl of piping hot Maggi will tempt you even if you don't feel like eating or are not at all hungry. 

Ulhas Valley, Khandala, Mumbai

Eating maggi in Ulhas Valley is a must needed break for all the trekkers, Maggi serves as a quick fix hunger solution in the cold breeze here.

Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

In the chilling weather that can freeze you, Maggi is the only way to buzz-off the cold wind. It is most eaten foods at Zero point.

DLF Street Food, Hyderabad, Telangana 

For all those who get hungry late at night, this place is very familiar for them. Maggi is in-demand food here, be it a college student or an office going grown up Maggi is one desired food for all.


Maggi Point, Rafting Miles, Rishikesh

Rishikesh is known as the rafting spot in the country. And while in there making the most of this water sports, there is one ritual that everyone follows, Maggi breaks. People actually sail their boats a long way to satiate their craving for a delicious bowl of Maggi.