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Bizarre! Man claims he lost virginity to an alien

India TV News Desk 15 Dec 2014, 13:38:19 PM IST
India TV News Desk

When the world is still confused about the existence of Aliens and paranormal elements, a man has come up with some extraordinarily weird revelations.

Seems inspired from Will Smith's Independence Day, a 70 year old man named David Huggins claimed that he has been a subject of alien abductions throughout his life.  

Describing his abduction experiences Huggins says, "They came into my bedroom and then we'd float up".
According to him, he has been encountering extra terrestrials since the age of 8 years and it hasn't stopped yet when he when he is almost 7 decades older.

Moreover, the man has also claimed that he has lost his virginity to a female alien named Crescent, thereby dumping all the conscience.

“I just lay down on the ground and she got on top of me. I have no idea why me. I just don't know,” he says of his sexual encounter with an extra terrestrial woman.

He further says that he has fathered many alien children, thereby claiming to have sex with multiple alien women.

Besides encountering with traditional grey aliens, Huggins claims to have met small hairy aliens and insect aliens.

Now, to describe his other-worldly experience, Huggins has painted a series of surrealist impressionist oil paintings, depicting each and every scene in detail depicting Huggins' closeness to them.

These paintings will feature in Love and Saucers: the Far Out World of David Huggins, an upcoming documentary based on his life.

Well! Don't know if David Huggins' alien stories are to be believed or not, but they are certainly a deep mystery which is needed to be solved.