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8 things you'll learn from your internship

India TV News Desk 13 Jun 2015, 17:58:31 IST
India TV News Desk

This one's for all the freshers with a raw mind and brisk attitude.

Do you know that, some hard work, true dedication and some life experiences can add a good volume to your curriculum vitae? Wonder how? Start interning coz they bring out the best in you.

Here are some pointers to get you started.


From living up to your commitments and following a dress code, to valuing your time and effectively communicating to colleagues, an internship will teach you the decorum of working.

Quality matters the most

In a hurry to complete a given task and impressing mentors, we often ignore the qualitative aspect of our product. Maintaining the quality rather than quantity is the key concept.


Working in an office or in a professional environment will replace your ‘Wake up Sid' attitude with ‘Lakshya'. You will learn to value time and understand the importance of deadlines.

Be open to criticism

Always be open to criticism from your mentors and seniors. Never let any negative feedback pull you down. Taking things in your stride and accepting challenges is what you learn.


You are here to learn so why stick to one particular task? You will be asked to do 10 different things at the same time and voila, you get exposed to the most-expected skill set.

Understanding your potential

Your mentors will push you, scold you, and load you with work just to judiciously extract every bit of talent in you. So, never hesitate from learning, exploring and experiencing new things.


By the end of it, you would have dabbled between so many tasks but in a professional manner that you ought to be more confident.

Biggest survival mantra

A mistake is not a problem until you learn from it. So keep committing mistakes (not the same ones though) and learn from them. And also, if need be, never be apprehensive of working on the same task even a million times.