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10 things you must do after you get admission in DU

This one's for all the fuchchas who packed their bags to enter a new journey of life, a journey that is going to be memorable, adventurous and full of moments to be cherished. College is
India TV News Desk June 04, 2015 16:49 IST
India TV News Desk

This one's for all the fuchchas who packed their bags to enter a new journey of life, a journey that is going to be memorable, adventurous and full of moments to be cherished. College is the best place for a student to gather new experiences, learn life lessons and create memorable moments.

Students fantasize about being a part of Delhi University and sometimes compromise with their desired courses to be in this university.  It is home to so many students from across India as well as from all over the world, be it a North-Eastern or South-Indian student or students from far away countries like Nigeria, Korea, Mauritius and so on and so forth, DU has so much to offer to all.

So, for all those who become the part of DU for the next 3 years, here is a list of 10 things you must do once you enter your college.

Attend your orientation day

Guys and girls, to know your college, faculty members, subjects better, and to know whom not-to-mess with do attend your orientation day. It has so much valuable stuff for you, that it will prove beneficial for rest of the college life.  

Prepare a faadu introduction about yourself

Remember, this for the rest of your life, first impression is the last impression (not necessarily though). So, to sink into the new atmosphere and to feel confident about yourself prepare a good intro that defines who you are (for the time being, coz no matter what, you and your life will change after 3 years).   

Make a nerd your friend   

If writing notes and managing books are not your cup of tea, we advise you to befriend a studious guy or girl in the class, so that your ‘best friend' will share all his/her notes with you.

Become a teacher's favorite

Greeting your teachers, seeking guidance on studies, or may be offering a hand by requesting “may I please carry your stuff to the staff room” are some keys to be your teacher's favorite. And, eventually with that you might just be able to secure better marks in your internals (we don't guarantee that).

Find best places to hangout

All college students have their favorite yaaran da adda, their best hangout places, where they can chill and have the best of memories and incidents to laugh on later. We suggest you to find out you and your gangs favorite places once you get into your college life. Time might wipe everything but not the memories created on these hooks and corners.

Explore all food joints around your campus and don't forget the canteen

No matter you belong to North campus or South campus or are from off campus, explore every food joint in and around your college or university campus. Be it your college canteen or nearest street food joint, go and taste the food at least once, keeping in mind the hygiene factors.

Do participate in extracurricular activities

Find the best in you by being a part of your college's extracurricular activities, be it dramatics, music or dance, sports, debating society, literary society, NSS, NCC, participate in at least one among them and enhance your skills. In fact, go for drama and dance society auditions once, it is fun I tell you!

Have cordial relationships with your librarian, security guard and one from admin office

Want, notes? or entry without I-card? or to submit a form after the deadline? Do the above mentioned thing. Even after your college days, these people are gone be of good help, for example, getting your clearance, getting forms and certificates attached, and other formalities that are required from college authorities.   

And last but never the least; know your subjects and syllabus before your exam.

After all the bunks, funs and hangouts, please don't forget to know your subjects and syllabus before your exams because your main aim is to study and your parents believe that you still study.