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8 things to do when you're getting bored in classroom

India TV News Desk 24 Jun 2015, 17:03:16 IST
India TV News Desk

A trip to the dream land has always been a part of our school or college life! The imagination soared high especially during boring classes.
If you accidentally land in a classroom which is utterly boring (which is pretty common) then below are some things you might want to try while for fight not to sleep.

Play cross zero

Try the age-old-never-fail-to-amuse game cross zero, cliché yet fun.  You can also try Bingo, Hangman and some other time killing games to aid yourself out of boredom.

Texting- The Life Saver

Yes, it is! Text the known, the unknown, Papa, Mommy, granddad, granny, siblings, distance and very distant cousins or whosoever is in your contact list.

Music is the best medicine

Three simple steps to create your own world:
1. Plug in your headphones
2. Press the play button
3. Ignore everyone.

PS- Cover your ears with your hair, muffler, scarf, cap or whatever is handy and available.

Bubble gum balloons

The popular of all, inflate a large (as much as you can) chewing gum balloon and burst it. And, pretend to be innocent.

PS- Try at your own risk as this might land you some kind of trouble with the teacher.

NSP: Nain Sukh Prapti

Now, here is a fun cool thing to do! Appreciate the beauty around. The hot chick or the cool dude, pick you choice and affix your eyes on her/him to kill the time inside the classroom.


Be the Doodle artist:

Indeed, you can make a career out of it, if you get better. So, practice your skills in the classroom itself.

Don't forget you're a powerhouse of talent

Be it some crazy beat-boxing beats or some irritating meows and bhau bhaus. Do this at your own risk.  

Poke others  

Twice or may be multiple times. Just do it as per your wish keeping in mind the size and level of irritation of your victim.


PS: At the end of the day life is serious but a little fun will never hurt. Though, we can't guarantee you of anything.