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Beautiful woman thinks she’s ugly, takes 100 selfies before stepping out of the house.

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman feeling insecure about her looks?
India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi April 20, 2017 16:47 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman feeling insecure about her looks? A plenty of times. But what if we tell you that a gorgeous woman is so repulsed by her own appearance that she dreams about taking a knife to her stomach? 

The pretty woman in the picture is Jodie Broadley, who suffers from a crippling mental disorder Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This mental disease twists her perception of her own appearance. 

The 26-year old Jodie thinks so ugly of herself that she spends hours punching her stomach and dreaming about putting a knife in her belly. 

Jodie don’t like her body and face in the mirror. She worries about leaving her house. Being convinced that people will hate her appearance, she takes 100 selfies before leaving her house. Her struggles have been so gruelling that she would not leave her house for several weeks in a row. 

An outing or a date for her would mean that she’s going to spend hours applying makeup and clicking pictures of herself. 

Whenever she tried to reach people about her concerns, they shrugged her by saying everyone has their own set of ugly days. Ironically, people have still not acknowledged the mental health issues and still there’s a taboo about them. 

Her mental issues have taken a toll on her relationship with her family and friends. Friends keep asking her for an outing and she’ll make excuses and cancel. Jodie Broadley just don’t want anyone to look at her.

Sharing one incident when she went out without makeup and bumped into a friend. After getting home, she couldn’t stop crying because she ‘ruined’ someone’s day by showing her face. 

Struggling with her issues with no one to have her back, Jodie even thought about cutting off herself with a knife. 

On the work front, she is a talented body artist, who has made a film to demonstrate that she’s not just having an ugly day, it’s something else.