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Drunk Drivers to turn traffic cops in Hyderabad, here is why

India TV Buzz Desk April 06, 2016 23:01 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

New Delhi: Drunk driving poses a serious issue in society. While many punishments like cleaning streets and holding placards for offenders have made it to the news, this particular one is truly out of the box.

Offenders of drunken driving in Hyderabad were in for quite a surprise as they were made to control traffic, for five hours. This stipulated punishment was given to them by the Third Metropolitan Magistrate Court.

What’s catchier than the task allotted to rule breakers is that this penalty was given to only first-time offenders whose blood-alcohol content measured less than 100mg alcohol for every 100ml blood.

A total of 100 DD violators were produced in court on Monday, and the judge decreed that they should learn what it is like to be a traffic cop in the city. Out of the 100 offenders booked, 31 first timers were to serve their penitence amid the chaotic traffic of Hyderabad.

Ten offenders reported to Hyderabad Traffic Control room, while the others served their punishment in Mozamjahi Market and the Koti intersection.

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On the D-Day, at around 10 A.M., when the temperature was in its mid thirties, the violators began their punishment, after much pleading and begging. An offender asked why he was made an example of, but the cops paid no heed to it.

A senior inspector totally approved of this idea. He felt that that it will serve as a lesson to those who think drunk driving is like a Tom and Jerry game. He asserted that these first timers and the motorists seeing them should understand the ordeal of being a traffic cop through out the day.

Police officials also felt that the earlier punishments like holding placards etc was enjoyable for them but this one would be enough to teach them a lesson.