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Man leaves 15,000 coins on road to see what people will do & the results are not what you expected!

What will you do if you find a pile of 15,000 coins on road?
Reshu Manglik New Delhi May 25, 2017 17:16 IST
Reshu Manglik

On Wednesday, AirBnB host Jamahl McMurran and his guest Lana Mesic, who’s a Croatian artist and photographer, decided to indulge in a social experiment. Lana had 15,000 coins which she had left from her previous art installation. She  didn’t know what to do with them, so she decided to have a bit of fun with those enormous number of coins. They placed 15,000 2p coins on the pavement and stood at a distance to see and record what happened. They updated all the happenings live on their Twitter account by the hashtag  #coinsbythecanal. 

Jamahl wrote on Twitter: 

“So my Airbnb guest and I decided to place 15000 2p coins on the canal and record what would happen…. #coinsbythecanal,”

The scenes which they saw in front of us were hilarious. Keep scrolling to see how pedestrians reacted on seeing a pile of coin seated on the pavement like that. 

A smart kid tried to fill his tiny bag with maximum possible coins he can. Isn’t he all of us? 

Jamahl and Lana didn’t believe their eyes when they saw few people playing in the ‘pile of coins’ as if it was a pile of sand! 

A social media freak took an Instagram-worthy picture of the pile and went away like nothing happened. 

A biker stopped to get some coins for himself. A bit greedy of him. 

This guy is my favourite. He literally took some coins in his hand and threw them over him as if it was ‘raining money’.  Frankly speaking, he’s the kind of guy we all wish to be. 

Everything was going fun and humorous until these guys decided to show up. They are actually the truest representation of a brutal human instinct to steal. They filled their bags up with each and every coin present there and fled. Game over!