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WATCH: Einstein, the parrot can imitate the sounds made by dogs, cats, owls and what not!

India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi 08 Apr 2017, 17:59:25 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

The animal kingdom has innumerous of surprises for us. They never fail to take us by surprise with their excellent mimicry skills and unusual social behaviour. 

Parrots are said to be the best among animals in mimicry. They are widely being adopted as pets for their well-socialized demeanour. 

Meet Einstein, the Congo African Grey Parrot. He has personified his name better than anyone else. This parrot is beyond words for his excellent vocabulary and amazing imitation skills. You will be surprised to know that this Grey African Parrot can imitate a dog’s bark, cat’s purr, a wolf’s cry and a whole lot of other crazy sounds with his mouth. This bird has a 200-word strong vocabulary. 

On Tuesday, this amazeballs turned 30 at Zoo Knoxville in Tennesee. The zoo authorities celebrated his birthday by putting his astonishing skills at display. No sooner than the video was posted, it went viral on social media. Animal lovers can’t stop pouring compliments for this extraordinary birdie. 

Hundreds of people dropped their heartfelt birthday wishes for Einstein. Some even made hilarious comments on the Facebook post. 

"Einstein gave a TED talk in 2006 it was great, in fact it was the only TED talk that I could watch all the way through.", joked a Facebook user. 

Let us tell you, African grey parrots are known for their excellent ability to mimic sounds after hearing them once or twice. They have the reasoning skills of a 3-year old child.