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Going viral: ‘Sacked airport worker’ destroys multi-million dollar aircraft

India TV Buzz Desk 31 May 2016, 19:40:51 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

Russia: A termination can have some depressing side-effects and the ramifications can be disastrous depending upon the employer’s scale and size of work.

The video of what appears to be a violent payback for his ouster from his job, an alleged ex-employee of a Russian airline today took it to another level.

According to reports, a UTair airplane was destroyed reportedly by an ex-employee of the airline using a digger after getting terminated from his job.

A video posted on social media on April 24 has gone viral with almost 3 lakh views and counting.

In the shocking video, a yellow digger can be seen raising its claw towards the three-engine craft standing alongside with similar aircrafts.

Reports said that he move was an act of revenge by an employee who decided to smash up the plane to get back at his employer.

The digger can be seen repeatedly plunging into the aircraft’s cockpit opening a large hole where the cockpit once was.

However, several reports also claimed that the plane was defunct and was being dismantled as per practice. Old planes are dismantled and sold in parts and the man in this video might just have been doing his job. Whatever the reason be, social media had a field day and the hits just won’t stop.

Have a look at this complete episode in this video: