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#FathersDay: Here's why it is the best bond ever!

India TV News Desk 20 Jun 2015, 18:58:41 IST
India TV News Desk

From our best friend to our mentor, sometimes personalised ATM, fathers are the real superheroes.

Donning a father's hat is one big responsibility. While some go into state of paranoia, some end up doing hilarious goof ups. But they turn out to become our biggest pillar of strength.  

Now that Father's Day is almost here, we dug a little deep and come up with 5 funny stories experienced by daddies from around the globe. Scroll down, read through and celebrate the best bond with your kiddos or daddies.

When Gene's little one enjoyed potty training more than her dolls

It was one of those ‘special' (read full on freedom) when my wife was out of town. Around that time, Zari, my daughter was on her potty training. My cousin had come over and we were chilling in the lawn. And suddenly we realised Zari was missing. We thought she must be in her playroom but she wasn't. And guess what? Turned out to be, she was sitting inside the commode. Looks like the little one took potty training too seriously!

Oops, this stuff was actually shit!

It was my first home alone day with my daughter. My cute-heart was literally smeared in shit! Finally, I was done cleaning the poop. I was exhausted and hungry, so decided to cook some snacks. The moment came when I tasted my culinary creations. And that is when I noticed something on my finger. And so I casually licked it. And boy, THAT WAS SHIT!

And this father forgot that he was a brunette!                                                                                                                               

I was about to deliver my second son. My husband was capturing all of it on his video camera. When the baby arrived, my husband screamed louder than me. Coz our baby was born with bright red hair. And FYI, we both are brunettes.                                                                                                                                                                       

 Don't you mess with my newborn!

My husband and I were taking our son out for the first time. He was so adorable and cute that everyone would pull his cheeks and cuddle him. This annoyed my newly graduated husband cum dad. So he put up a sign near our son's carrycot saying,” Please, do not touch our newborn. If you must, please sanitize your hands. Thank you”.  

Dare you check out my daughter!

My dad is ‘the' best dad but he can be over-protective too. It was Christmas Eve and I was wearing a little short dress (short according to my dad's standards!) That night, he smacked boys who were checking me out.

PS: That also included my not-so close cousins.
This story was inspired by some posts on whattoexpect.com and daddydoinwork.com.