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Are you listening boys? These girls just confessed that women too check out guys!

India TV News Desk December 16, 2014 12:38 IST
India TV News Desk

Ask any woman and she'll tell you when & how a casual glance from a guy turns into leching or staring!
Women often complain about men staring and making them feel uncomfortable, but they may never come out open about what they do in return.
If you believed that only men stared at women, hello.... wake up and smell the coffee; women too stare and check out men on streets!
Trouble Seeker team lately released a video, where they recorded responses of women on being asked whether they too check out on guys?
It wasn't shocking, but surprising to know that women indeed enjoyed the pleasure as well but in a manner that goes unnoticed by all.

The team also asked few men around to respond how they would feel, if a girl is checking them out, the answers you will get from them are, from hilarious to amazing – one of them said, “I would be in heaven!”
A group of girls were questioned and they sheepishly confessed of checking out guys too, but would never stare or ogle at them.
Girls also talked about the kind of guys they would like to date and the ones they would definitely avoid. Even boys too had apt responses, they revealed of how they want their date to be unpretentious and simple.
Girls also believe that it's not only the boy's responsibility to ask a girl out, this is 21st century, if they find the guy is really cute but  introvert, they would rather approach him.
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