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This time it's 'Hyderabad on eve-teasing'

India TV News Desk 16 Dec 2014, 12:14:10 PM IST
India TV News Desk

"Ladkiya bahut hi 'fast' ho gyi hai, ab ismein hum kya karein" - pat came a reply, when Hyderabad men were asked about why women are facing issues of eve-teasing.

Being Indian team is at Hyderabad now and this time they are asking questions on eve teasing here.
You will get to see how typically guys pick on girls and the slangs they use in Hyderabad to attract a girl's attention or may be their ire.
But the guys who genuinely do this on purpose are very few, as most of them believe nobody minds little fun, one should never cross limits. Girls are very much aware of the innuendoes guys make, but mostly they chose to ignore it.
The lesson we have learnt here is that 'girls are not from other planet', guys should better approach them confidently and can have a friendly conversation instead of shouting their names and then looking other side.