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5 outfits that Sonam Kapoor copied from Hollywood yet she nailed it!

India TV News Desk 09 Jun 2015, 13:05:40 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Be it an award show, chat show or magazine cover, Sonam Kapoor happens to be the show stealer everywhere she goes. This lady knows how to hog limelight without much effort. All thanks to her sense of fashion!

Despite the fact that her films are not soaring high on success, it doesn't restrict her from oozing out her 'oomph' factor.  Sonam Kapoor never misses to live upto her fashionista tag. But even style of Goddesses need some inspiration to make their outfits look magical.  This iconic trendsetter has been seen wearing some of the outfits that are inspired from Hollywood divas.  

Though they are copied, Sonam's personalised fashionable touch has made the outfit even more appealing and exquisite. Scroll down and have a look at few such outfits....

Amy Adam- Sonam Kapoor wore the same dress at a store launch, which Amy Adams wore at a movie premiere during the NY Film Festival.

Jennifer Lopez- Sonam was highly impressed with JLO's Met Gala Gucci ensemble. This 'Khoobsurat' actress was seen wearing it in a different style. Trust us, she rocked it!

Marion Cotillard- French actress Marion Cotillard and Sonam Kapoor wore the same Dior outfit. Both of them carried the look quite well.

Jennifer Lawrence- Sonam Kapoor aped Jennifer Lawrence's Christian Dior attire. Lawrence wore it at the red carpet even of Cannes.

Kelly Brook- Both Sonam Kapoor and Kelly Brook decked in a Dolce & Gabbana Sunflower and Onion floral dress.