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SHOCKING: A Dutch reality show where men guess if a woman is 'fat' or 'pregnant'

India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi 13 Apr 2017, 13:15:44 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

If you think it’s only Big Boss that creates controversies, then you’re wrong. With this shocking revelation about a Dutch reality show, you feel all gross and enraged at the same time. 

We were just trying to digest the fact that CBSE class 12 book just commented blatantly on the physical attributes of a woman. The next day, we came across this Dutch reality show, which has shown us some different facades of body shaming. 

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A Dutch reality show titled ‘Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee’ or ‘Bring Your Bathing Suit’ is raising eyebrows for its upsetting concept. 

On this programme, the contestants were asked to make some guesses on a woman volunteer whether she is carrying weight around her tummy or is really expecting.  

If you think, this is all, then read the post to the full. There are more surprising elements to this eye-popping reality show. The contestants were also asked to guess whether the breasts of the volunteers are real of fake. Sexism achieving some new feats on this show. 

As if body shaming and sexism weren’t enough for the makers for the show. They went on trying their hands on downright racism. In a pilot episode which aired last year, the contestants were given a privilege to guess whether the volunteers are Chinese or Japanese. For your information, all the volunteers were Asians. 

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In their defence, the makers of the show are saying that this was their satirical way to laugh off all the prejudices. We wonder, how letting people judge one another will shun these taboos. 

A petition has been filed against the makers which accuses them for ‘downgrading women to pieces of meat’. 1,989 signatures have been achieved so far. 

The saddening reality of the world shows that racism and sexism has gotten too deep in our roots that we don’t even think for a second before judging people based on their gender, race and body type. And it’s not just about India, America or any other country. The whole world is a victim and a perpetrator at the same time.