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Watch Video: Two year old boy stays trapped under high speed train for four hours, comes out alive!

India TV News Desk 10 Oct 2015, 17:16:23 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: In a rarest of rare incidents, a two year old boy fell between a high speed train and platform in China. The boy was rescued after four hours of the accident which happened in Changchun, northeast China on October 2nd.

The high speed train was bound for Dalian from Harbin, in northeast China. After it broke down at the Changchun West station, the train was parked there for four hours.

It was then that the parents decided to take the boy outside the train and relax a little. Suddenly, the boy slipped through the gap between the train and platform.

The on lookers then decided to inform a rescue team about the mis happening. It took them four hours to get the boy out, safely.

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The reason for the delay was the limited space between the platform and the train. According to reports, the gap was only eight inches, too less for any adult to squeeze in and rescue the boy.

Also, the height of the platform added to their problems. Due to the height, neither the boy could climb it nor could anyone reach out to him due to the small space.

After many trails, the boy was rescued from underneath the parked locomotive. The accident just proves the hindi saying, ‘Jaako Rakhe Saaiyan, Maar Sake Naa Koi'.

See the video here: