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#TogetherOnline: Help your mom to get online

India TV News Desk 06 Jun 2015, 18:39:22 IST
India TV News Desk

Remember your first day at school? The day when for the first time you were away from your mother!

The one person, who stood beside you, holds your hand and gave you courage, at that moment, was your mother. Now, it's your turn to hold your mom's hand and make her discovers a whole new online world.

Google's latest ad is all about this.

The ad beautifully captures mother-daughter duo foray into accessing the online world.  With the emotional tagline ‘Help your mother discover a new world. Help her get online', this ad will touch your nerves.  Country like India where 49% of women do not see any reason to access the internet, this ad will come up as a ray of inspiration.

Watch the ad here…