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Maggi is removed from stores, but why are these 6 products still sold?

India TV News Desk 03 Jun 2015, 15:13:36 IST
India TV News Desk

As kids, teenagers, hostellers and even as office goers, Maggi has been a saviour.

But out of the blue, when samples were tested, ingredients found in this beloved noodle (read excessive lead than the prescribed limit and MSG sans an affirmative declaration) were outrageously hazardous.

When the world woke up to the news of removal of Maggi from some state government owned stores, and retail chains, almost everyone was just speechless.

Many could not even think of surviving! Undoubtedly, pulling it off certain stores was the safest step that could have been taken.Amidst all the hue and cry and backlash that Nestle is facing, we were just thinking about products sold in millions everyday and are as good as poison.

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Wondering why they were never banned despite the fact they have statutory warning!

Here are the 6 products that government should reconsider.

Paan masala/gutka – Every time you go to a theatre, one of the most played advertisement right before the movie starts is about Paan masala/gutka. Several deaths have already occurred because of its consumption. In fact, there are celebs who are endorsing this too! But we don't see much happening in the banning direction.

Cigarette- Smoking kills, everyone knows that. Invariably, at every nook and corner, a person is either smoking a cigarette or selling one. Just a month back, there was some hype on banning tobacco and its bi-products but nothing seems to work in that direction. There is no restriction and you can easily buy them at any shop.

Cold Drinks:   Few years back, several pressure groups claimed that cold drinks contain pesticides. Also, other ingredients used in it were unsafe. Many protested against this and even demanded a ban, but companies are still manufacturing them.

E-Cigarette:  These were introduced as an alternative to quit smoking. On the contrary, e-cigarettes that contain toxins can lead to health problems like cancer. What's the difference really?

Khaini:  Thousands of people die every year in India because of chewing this dangerous substance. If even they cause serious diseases including cancer, why are they still there at every panwari or tuck shop!

Alcohol (Hard liquor):  Thousands of people die due to alcohol consumption every year in India. Several high profile drunk driving cases have also hit the headlines. Even the Censor Board has made it a mandate to include a warning every time an actor is shown consuming alcohol in a movie. The number of alcohol-related death has witnessed a sharp rise of nearly 21% compared to 2012.