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Viral video: Sumo wrestlers sprint down race track in loincloths!

India TV News Desk 24 Oct 2015, 14:12:22 IST
India TV News Desk

A bunch of sumo wrestlers racing down a track is as unlikely a spectacle as Usain Bolt stepping into a wrestling ring.

And yet that is precisely what happened inside a stadium in Japan's Wakayama Prefecture.

Three wrestlers Kento Amakaze, Tatsuaki Kaiho and Kanata Takatenshu stepped onto the track in their sumo outfits comprising of just a loincloth.

The race was short and sweet, lasting only about 50 metres.

One of the wrestlers fell behind early but the other two displayed unusual speed for men of their bulk.

Their valiant attempt to win the race is unintentionally hilarious.

Now we wonder if they will challenge Bolt, who is showing signs of weakness after losing to a child earlier this month.

Watch the video to find out who won: