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Sunita Krishnan's #ShameTheRapistCampaign sees around 90 rape videos approaching Supreme Court!

India TV News Desk April 15, 2015 15:08 IST
India TV News Desk

Supreme Court bombarded with 90 shocking rape videos after #ShameTheRapist campaign goes viral!

Somewhere in the first week of February 2015, Sunita, who runs an NGO to help rape victims, uploaded an edited version of a gang-rape video on YouTube. This was one of the nine such videos that went viral as MMS clips.

Through this, her intention was to start a campaign against rapists known as #ShameTheRapist campaign.

Soon after this campaign went viral, Sunita voiced her views on how rapists and not victims must be shamed in society. Of course, some didn't agree with her and as a result her vehicle was vandalized as an open display of protest towards the move.

"If goons think they can intimidate me this way... take a long walk boss, I will report come what may, I will track, will shame and report!" that's how Sunita Krishnan has decided to battle it out.

Main image: acelebrationofwoman.org

With all the evidences, she approached the Supreme Court, urging CBI to take an apt action into the matter. What followed, was an arrest of Bhubaneswar-based builder Subrat Sahu by CBI, with charges of raping a woman and filming the act.

Seeing her open fight for justice, as many as 90 other women victim of similar acts came forward. Sunita has been deeply depressed by the footage these women have sent to her. All are clips of incident being filmed by culprits.

Sunita's lawyer told a Supreme Court bench that women have sent in 'absolutely shocking' online footage and urged them to approach CBI.

Ms Krishnan, being a rape survivor herself, feels that these women often do not come forward due to society's opposite reaction to the hideous crime. Sunita was just 15, when a gang of 8 men raped her. The incident left a deep impact on her and she decided to open an NGO to help such women.

But Sunita's fight is far from over, "I appreciate that the court, after taking my letter and the videos I sent, directed a CBI probe. But the judges have to put in place a permanent mechanism to deal with such situations. I cannot become the national registry for all rape videos. Cyber cell does not take suo motu notice of the videos. There should be a complainant but sadly nobody wants to become a complainant as a million questions are asked," according to her statement to Mail Today.

She believes that the society alone can not bring in a change; judiciary too needs to interfere and set a correct and rigorous process so that such acts never take place. And those which exist are dealt with extreme severity.

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