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Beware of these parent-friendly apps that might land you in trouble!

India TV News Desk 19 Dec 2014, 17:30:46 PM IST
India TV News Desk

How would you feel, if your phone is constantly sending your parent's a message regarding, where you are, what you're eating, when are you speeding, what are you reading, bunkcing classes etc.???

There was a time when parents, wary of their kid's activities had no option, but to personally spy on them to avoid revealing their child's misdemeanor to others.

With the advent of smartphones, world has drastically changed!

Now parent's have innumerable options to keep a tab on their wards and the best part (according to parents) is that if they catch their child engaged in a wrongdoing, they would still be the one having control in their hands.

We are going to share a few useful apps (from parent's perspective) which can help worrying parents in tracking their child's movement and ensuring their safety (P.S messing our life):


Time Away


This free app is available on Android phones, through which parents can track their child's wherabouts and also schedule their usage time & app limits; all of this can be managed through the parents' phone.







My Mobile Watchdog


Through this app, parents can see what their children have texted ,whom they have called; it also has the option to block contacts.

It even prevents children from using phones at night, & through the GPS their movements can also be tracked.

Unlike other free apps this is a paid service available for IOS and android phones.








This is a total spy app, where you can easily get the data related to your child's phonecalls, the websites they visit, their location and all of their text messages via. a web dashboard.

This one is also a paid service available on IOS and Android phones.






Mama Bear


This free app is available on both Android and IOS phones, and this surely is special one as it puts everything under your control, unbeknownst to your child!

If your ward overspeeds his vehicle, you'll get an instant message on your phone. Apart from keeping a tab on their social media activity, this app can provide the arrival and departure alerts from locations, such as school or home.







This one has free version and advanced versions which can be used to full effect.

In this app parents have the option of sending sms to locate and lock their child's phone; enhanced users for subscribers give multiple option to the guardian from text monitoring, call blocking and safe driving controls.




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