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Thrill-seeking couple gets married at the top of Mt. Everest! Check the stunning pictures here

This couple tied the knots at a height of 17,600-feet at Mt. Everest
India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi May 14, 2017 15:04 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

“Breath-taking”- this word isn’t enough to define what this couple did. Ashley Schmeider and James Sisson went all the way to the top of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, to tie the knot. And that’s not all. They carried their wedding dresses up to the top themselves! 

Their journey was not an easy one, as obvious it is. James suffered from altitude sickness just before reaching the base camp. But thankfully, he recovered and continued the journey to writing history. Here are some highlights of their 17,600-feet wedding: 

They were accompanied by Charleton Churchill, who’s an adventure photographer. What could be a better adventure than this? 

Ashley and James wanted an offbeat wedding but the destination was yet to be decided. They approached Charleton who suggested Mount Everest. Wow, what a suggestion! 

Together, they hiked across the canyon to Namche Bazar and climbed slowly, adjusting to the high altitude. 

At the height of 16,950 feet at Gorak Shep, Ashley changed into her wedding dress. 

They decided to get married quickly, eat and get picked up by a helicopter. 

The couple finally tied their nuptials at an height of 17,600 feet. When they said ‘I Do’, Churchill noticed two heart-shaped clouds in the sky. He took the photograph at the right time. 

The temperature at the height was varying between -273 degree Celsius to -15 degree Celsius. 

As it was deadly cold at the top, they relied on soup and hot drinks to keep themselves warm for survival. 

The adventurous wedding surely made them popular on social media and the photographs are just too surreal. 

As a souvenir, the couple wrote their name and wedding date on a stone and left it at the top of mountain peak.