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Telangana was born: 5 historic events on 2nd June

India TV News Desk New Delhi 02 Jun 2017, 6:19:17 AM IST
India TV News Desk

History is not created in a day! But, a day can bring many changes in history. Following are five historical events that happened this day and changed the future course of the world.

1.    In the year 1962, during the FIFA World Cup multiple police intervention was required because of the fights between the players of Chile and Italy. This was one of the most aggressive and violent football games in the history.

2.    In the year 1979, NASA launched S-198, a space vehicle. 

3.    In the year 1999, the Bhutan Broadcasting Service began the first television transmission in the country.

4.    In the year 2003, Mars Express which The European Space Agency's space mission to Mars was launched from Baikonur Space Center located in Kazakhstan. 

5.    In the year 2014, Telangana got separated from Andhra Pradesh and became the 29th state in India.