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First Air India international flight took off: 5 historic events on 8th June

India TV News Desk 08 Jun 2015, 16:23:58 PM IST
India TV News Desk

History is not created in a day! But, a day can bring many changes in history. Following are five historical events that happened this day and changed the future course of the world.
1. In the year 632, Islamic prophet Muhammad dies in Madina. 

2. In the year 1936, Indian State Broadcasting Service got renamed as All India Radio.

3. In the year 1948, first international flight of Air India took off from Bombay to London. The flight was VT-CQP Malabar Princess. 

4. In the year 1953, the Supreme Court of United States ruled that restaurants located in Washington, DC are not allowed to refuse serving black diners. 

5. In the year 1984, homosexuality became legal in New South Wales of Australia.