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If these brands were 'Made In India'!

India TV News Desk December 16, 2014 16:49 IST
India TV News Desk

We Indians, undoubtedly, are die-hard fans of products made in foreign land, be it clothes, smart-phones, beauty products or electronic goods, let's just admit it we prefer foreign brands over Indian make products.

Whenever our family members or friends or relatives plan to go abroad, we hand over a huge shopping list to them….don't we?

Foreign-made products are a status symbol too as they are expensive enough to flaunt in front of your friends and kitty party friends.

But now as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pitching high for ‘Make in India', why not we make multinational brand products here itself in India, we a li'l ‘desi' twist…what say?

Don't know when the corporate world will adapt to it, but we have given a try to the concept of Make in India, in a satirical manner.

Take a look and see what would happen if these brands were made in India?

1.    Who needs a mobile phone when Mukhia is there with us to connect people?



2.    Now we have our own Subjiwala! Buy fresh. :-D


We can also open our copyrighted Indian fast-food outlet



3.    Why losing out on your health for foreign cigarettes, Don't Marlboro but MaalBharo!



4.    Oral B nahi ab Kuch B karo… :-D



5.    No Colgate but Kholgate :-)



6.    Forget PayPal… Welcome your new partner'TezPal' for money transfers.



7.    Puma nahi Luna :-p