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Why selfies are getting so annoying?

India TV News Desk June 01, 2015 18:09 IST
India TV News Desk

First came cameras, then came fancy cameras with fancy features, then came self-timer so that the entire family could have a pic together, followed by smart phones, front camera and finally selfies, clearly the most exploited of the lot. 

Okay, so selfies are cool! Period! But overdoing anything is so uncool! In fact, every time we scroll through our social media accounts, we are mercilessly force fed with all sorts of selfies – washroom selfie, post workout selfie, post makeup selfie, BFF selfie, drunken selfie and bored seflie. It's exasperating to see the kind of time people invest in doing something as lame as this! 

If you get the point that we are trying to make here, you will totally relate to the following! 

  1. Before there were meaningful pics with loved ones, now it's all about selfie. Which means, anyone who is unmoved by the selfie fever feels alienated. 
  2. Selfie seems to be the solution for everything. New followers, more likes, flaunting your lifestyles, pull out your phone and go click click click! 
  3. If you wanna impress your crush, and you think selfie can wave that magic, you are so mistaken! 
  4. Wrong place selfie not happening! You go explore places, good! But imagine dragging every small little kid, native or even non-moving thing in the name of selfie. 
  5. Not everyone is a selfie fanatic, so forcing people is annoying beyond imagination. 
  6. Seflies can actually lead to freak accidents. Anyone on the other end will be annoyed. 

And meanwhile the following happened, all in the name of selfie love! 

  • Just to flaunt his selfie with his favourite sportsperson, a fan walked up to Roger Federer. And it didn't go down well with this tennis champ! He was annoyed. 
  • The iconic statue of Hercules located inside Loggia dei Militi, Italy was destroyed by a bunch of ruthless explorers who were trying to click a selfie. Don't believe us, google it out! 
  • A selfie while flying a plane led to a deadly crash in May last year. It is believed Amritpal Singh was clicking himself and the flash hit him hard, making him lose control and crashing immediately. His co-passenger lost his life too. 
  • A Singaporean man died while he was trying to click a selfie. He fell off a cliff and into the sea. 

PS: We all love selfies but all we are saying is there is a right time, right place and the right company for clicking one. Putting your life or someone else's life in jeopardy just for a selfie isn't really a wise thing to do. 

Image courtesy: Tumblr