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This kid standing next to Akshay Kumar is a successful actor today. Can you guess who?

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 03 Aug 2016, 17:24:27 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

One of the biggest benefits of social media is that it lets fans get closer to their favorite stars. Every now and then actors share their day to day activities, what they are up to and sometimes even throwback pictures.

However, when it comes to throwback pictures one actor has recently send everyone on the web in a confusing mode. The picture this actor shared on Instagram features superstar Akshay Kumar as well.

Here is the picture for you:

Well, can you recognise who the little kid standing dressed in yellow shorts and green striped sleeveless t-shirt is? He is no ne other than the powerhouse of Bollywood Ranveer Singh.

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Surprised? Well, this is the truth.

Ranveer himself shared this major throwback picture and then Khiladi Kumar shared it too. A look at this picture and it would not be wrong to say that puberty has done an incredible job on Ranveer.

Not only this, Ranveer also shared a video to promote Akshay’s ‘Rustom’. He shared a video which is quite mysterious and has a background of the movie’s score.

A man dressed in the navy uniform can be seen in the clip. Since it is shared on Ranveer Singh’s timeline we are putting our bet that the man in uniform is indeed him.

Check out the video here: