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Video proof: Salman Khan wants you to watch Akshay Kumar’s ‘Rustom’

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 02 Aug 2016, 22:35:22 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Actors Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan are fast friends, something which is not hidden from anyone. In all the movies they have worked together, their bro-mance garnered a lot of attention.

And now, Salman Khan has proved yet again how special Akshay Kumar is to him. Ahead of Kumar’s big release in August this year - ‘Rustom’, the ‘Sultan’ of Bollywood has urged everyone to watch it.

In the video, he called Akshay the ‘Rustom-e-Hind’ of film industry.

Here is the video which Akshay posted on social media:

Wow! This message surely compels Salman’s fans to watch the movie.

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During the promotions of ‘Sultan’, Salman had said that he thinks Akshay is the real ‘Sultan’ for doing three movies a year. Replying to this honour bestowed upon him by Salman, Akshay later said,

"I think it is Salman Khan's greatness that he said something like this. The statement proves that he is a very large-hearted guy and I would not take that thing because he actually is the real Sultan. I did Brothers, which was set against the backdrop of MMA and the film did not do well at the Box Office. He did a similar film, Sultan, and that did wonders. So now you only answer 'Who is the bigger Sultan at the Box-Office?”


Well, while both of them can’t settle for who is the bigger ‘Sultan’, we know for a fact that their bond has kept cine buffs happy.