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Akshay Kumar is confident women will watch ‘Rustom’ again and again. Know why

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 02 Aug 2016, 20:52:53 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Actor Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie ‘Rustom’ is making all the right noises before its release on August 12. The movie has already intrigued the viewers owing to its plot which is inspired from true incidents.

But the lead actor Akshay feels that there is a section of audience which will connect with the movie more than anyone. Khiladi Kumar feels that women will watch the movie again and again and men might not.

Speaking about it, Akshay told a leading daily,

“One thing I can assure you about Rustom is that women are going to love this film. I have seen the complete film and it is high on emotions, which will touch the female audiences. The men might not come to watch the film again but the women will definitely watch it again.”

In the past years, Akshay has taken up many movies which draw references from real life. Be it Special 26 (2013) or Airlift (2015). Revealing about his penchant towards such a genre, Akshay said the credit goes to film maker Neeraj Pandey.

“When geniuses like Neeraj come to you with an idea, you learn to never look a gift horse in the mouth. To me, it’s a blessing that someone of Neeraj’s calibre has confidence in me, and wants me to represent matters of our nation on the big screen. I can never hold back my passion to want to be part of a project that is based on a real life incident. It’s something that I get wrapped up in. I never look back,”

a leading daily quoted Akshay.

Letting in on the responsibility he had while acting in ‘Rustom’, Akshay said,

“Rustom is based on true incidents and not just on one incident. So there are a lot of incidents put together into the screenplay. There is a certain amount of responsibility on me as an actor because I have to choose good scripts. Once I sign a script, after that it is the director's responsibility to translate what is written on to the big screen.”