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Akshay Kumar is proud of this 19-year-old girl and you too would be after reading her story

India TV Entertainment Desk 12 Apr 2016, 18:54:30 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Superstar Akshay Kumar is particularly proud of a 19 year old girl from Mumbai and on knowing her story you would be too. Akshay who believes in giving back to the society which has made him what he is today, had set up the Women's Self Defence Centre (WSDC) along with Shiv Sena chairperson Aditya Thackeray.

The centre was established with a motive to teach women self defence so that they can protect themselves from molesters in desperate times. And seems, the idea is paying off. As the 19-year-old girl aforementioned single-handedly got her molester arrested; she is a student at the centre and goes by the name of Shreya Naik.

Akshay took to Facebook laud Shreya and express his pride.

A second year student of BMS, Shreya learnt about WSDC through her mother and got herself and her sister enrolled. Little did Shreya know, that soon she might be putting her lessons to real use.

Last week, when she was returning home from her work place, at around 6: 30, she sensed someone following her. Shreya is interning as a part of the college project.

She recalled the entire incident to a leading daily,

“He suddenly came close and pounced on me. I started hitting him with one hand and with the other hand I was trying to call my mother to come down, as my house was just about 30 seconds away. He tried snatching my phone away as he didn't want me to alert anyone. I caught his hair and gave him a 'hammer', a style of attack taught to me at the centre. He started pleading with me to let go, saying 'Bas haath hi lagaya, aur kya kia…'.”

As sick as the molester’s mentality was, which was evident when he uttered the last words, he did not get away with it. Shreya added,

“I caught hold of his collar and started dragging him towards the main road. He was trying hard to get away but I held on to his collar. Later, some people helped me and one person called the police. Within 10-15 minutes the police arrived and he was arrested.”

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The senior police inspector of D N Nagar police station confirmed the news.

“Yes, we have registered the FIR. This boy works in a nearby restaurant. The girl complained of molestation and we arrested him right then. He will be presented in front of the magistrate shortly. We are in constant touch with the girl's father, so she has nothing to worry about,”

Mr. Nalwade was quoted by a leading daily.

Shreya said she owed it to the centre started by Akshay Kumar to instil so much courage in her. She accepted of being a meek girl who got scared when someone touched her inappropriately but things have changed for the better now. She told,

“I am really grateful to Akshay sir for inspiring us to be able to take care of ourselves. My parents didn't want to me to lodge a police complaint because they were worried about me, but I did and I am speaking about it so that every woman learns to take care of herself by learning self-defence.”