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You thought being a star is easy? Wait till you read Alia Bhatt’s views on it

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 02 Aug 2016, 23:04:00 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

She is only 23 years old but her tender age hasn’t stopped Alia Bhatt from becoming the next big thing of Bollywood. She has done less than 10 movies but has left a deep impression on the minds of viewers.

However, for this young actress all the stardom to which her name is associated gets a bit tad too much to handle. Alia feels that being a star in not easy and you are always expected to behave a certain way which can get exhausting at times.

While speaking to a leading daily, Alia was asked as to what is the worst thing about stardom. To this she said,

“There's a lot of pressure. Like, yes, you get to fly First Class and it's all very fancy and awesome but the minute you land at the airport, you're scrutinised for the choice of your footwear. I mean, I don't want that.”

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Revealing more as to what the worst part of being Alia Bhatt is, the ‘Udta Punjab’ actress said,

“As a star, I am a role model and I need to convey the 'right' message — you see there's a moral code sneaking in there. Young girls idealise you and follow your every move and you can't deviate too far from a set construct. You can have opinions, but the opinion needs to be the right one or you'll piss a whole lot of people off and trigger a shit-storm. It's really hard if you think about it. You need to come across as happy, chirpy and pretend to be ultra-awesome like all the time. Nahi hai, yaar. I am having an awful day. I cannot pretend to be happy. Give me a day off, man. But no, as Alia Bhatt, I am always on duty, always acting.”

Point well made, Ms. Bhatt.