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‘Bigg Boss 10’: No love between Nitibha and Manveer, both get into dirty argument

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 09 Jan 2017, 18:51:40 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

The tenth season of the controversial TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ is moving towards its finale. And, the bond between contestants is getting weaker with each passing day. The previous episodes of the show featured Manveer and Nitibha getting closer and people thought that there will be a new love story in the house filled with fights. But, the upcoming episode will break many hearts who were expecting some romance between the two.

We know that speaking in English is prohibited in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. When Bani and Nitibha were having a conversation, the latter was breaking the rule by not speaking in Hindi. Thus, ‘Bigg Boss’ made an announcement reminding Nitibha, the rule of the house.

Being the captain, Manveer got furious and asked Nitibha the reason of doing so. However, things got bitter as both started shouting on each other and rest of the inmates had to stop them.

‘Bigg Boss’ also introduced a ranking task in which contestants had to rank themselves. This led to a verbal argument between Bani and other housemates. However, Bani was taking a jibe at Lopa who was taking the first position. Bani ranked second who was then followed by Nitibha Kaul, Manveer Gurjar, Manu and Monalisa respectively.

Tonight, another friendship will break, and ranks will definitely create hullabaloo inside the house.