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‘Bigg Boss’: 3 ‘irritating’ revelations by Swami Om post eviction are more revolting than captaincy task

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 06 Jan 2017, 18:15:46 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

As if it was not enough for viewers to watch Swami Om making some absurd and derogatory comments on the fellow contestants in the house. Now since he is out of the show, he continued the drama and said things that only he could say. Here are some inappropriate revelations made by Swami Om after eviction and we bet this will give you some sudden shocks.

  1. The self proclaimed god man called the housemates including the host of the show Salman Khan Anti-national. The man, who used to refer Salman Khan as the greatest hero on the show, has now called him an ISI agent.
  2. Swami Om irritated the whole house by creating troubles for them. He gave its justification saying that contestants used to mix drugs in his food and this was the reason he behaved that way with inmates.
  3. The contestant also put allegation on the ‘Bigg Boss’ makers of threatening to kill him.

Well, looking at the record of Swami Om on the show, this was quite expected from him.

While performing the captaincy task on ‘Bigg Boss’, Swamiji peed on celebrity contestants Bani and Rohan. Thus, was kicked out of the house by security forces after he refused to leave.

Reportedly, host of the show Salman Khan supported his unceremonious eviction.

The star will today appear on the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode and is expected to give his opinion on the same.