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Rishi Kapoor mocks Kim Kardashian: 10 controversial tweets which make him the King of trolls

Rakesh Jha Mumbai 10 Aug 2016, 8:35:42 AM IST
Rakesh Jha

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has been lately making waves on Twitter with his acerbic wit and scathing sense of humour.

From giving back to the persistent fans of his son Ranbir Kapoor, to his 'Baap Ka Maal' comment on  Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, to his beef remarks or the recent one on Hillary Clinton, Kapoor is getting more attention on Twitter than his films.

Kapoor who made his screen debut with 'Mera Naam Joker' went on to become a big star as he churned out some of the most successful films in Indian Cinema like Bobby, Karz, Heena, Deewana and so on.

Lately, he has been doing character driven roles but the veteran actor is having gala time on Twitter as he has got a strong 1.18 million.

Now the latest celeb to come under Kapoor's scanner is none other than reality star Kim Kardashian. Kapoor shared a meme comparing Kim Kardhashian to a mesh bag of onions.

Kapoor was at the receiving end of social media trolls after he tweeted a joke on Democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton which went terribly wrong.

Rishi Kapoor tweeted a meme which was apparently shared with him by Abhishek Bachchan. The meme had a picture of Hillary Clinton coughing against the mike and the text read, “Monika, is this right?”

We bring to you some of the most famous and infamous tweets of Rishi Kapoor: