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Farah Khan doesn’t want to work with any star for her next. Here’s why

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 03 Aug 2016, 11:09:36 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Farah Khan has been one of the renowned directors of Bollywood who is popular for making big budget movies.

In fact, not just big budgets, what else used to be the USP of Farah’s movies was its cast which featured the A-listers of B-town like ‘Om Shanti Om’, ‘Happy New Year’, ‘Main Hoon Na’ etc.

However, this time the bubbly director is planning to try something new.

According to the recent buzz, Farah is planning not to rope in any star for her upcoming movie.

Reportedly, her next movie is said to be a girl-centric film.

Farah Khan told IANS, "I have written a script and this time its a small script, and it's not star-driven. It's a two girls project so still waiting for it to happen because I have not put a big star in it."

However, her decision of not to cast any A-lister celeb has raised many eyebrows. But Farah has a valid reason for this.

"The thing is stars make it easier for the project to be green-lit. Otherwise, everyone will question your script 100 times if you have a star saying yes to it give that newspaper cutting and nobody will ask any question that's the good side and a bad side to it. You tend to work a little less on the content because you have a big star driving on it sometimes," said Farah.

"That opening is for sure. With other movies you don't know it can die in a week. If it's a great movie by word of mouth it grows but that's 1 in 100. I think that's why not only here even in Hollywood when an actor becomes a star and has a certain amount of equity, name everyone wants to cash on it," she added.

Farah Khan is yet to finalise the cast of this yet-to-be titled movie. However she reportedly mentioned that she won’t be taking any newcomer.