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Girls who are subjected to child sexual abuse tend to hit puberty earlier than the other girls

India TV Lifestyle Desk New York 29 Mar 2017, 12:24:03 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Young girls who’ve went through child sexual abuse are more likely to mature physically eight to twelve months earlier than their non-abused peers, reveals a study. 

"Though a year's difference may seem trivial in the grand scheme of a life, this accelerated maturation has been linked to concerning consequences, including behavioural and mental health problems and reproductive cancers," said Jennie Noll, Professor at Pennsylvania State University in the US.

The body is timed so that physical and developmental changes occur in tandem, assuring that as a child physically changes, they have adequate psychological growth to cope with mature contexts. 

"High-stress situations, such as childhood sexual abuse, can lead to increased stress hormones that jump-start puberty ahead of its standard biological timeline," Noll explained.

"When physical maturation surpasses psychosocial growth in this way, the mismatch in timing is known as maladaptation," Noll said. 

For the study, published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, Noll and her team compared the pubescent trajectories of 84 females with a sexual abuse history and 89 of their non-abused counterparts. 

"We found that young women with sexual abuse histories were far more likely to transition into higher puberty stages an entire year before their non-abused counterparts," Noll stated. 

"Due to increased exposure to estrogens over a longer period of time, premature physical development such as this has been linked to breast and ovarian cancers. Additionally, early puberty is seen as a potential contributor to increased rates of depression, substance abuse, sexual risk taking and teenage pregnancy," Noll added.

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