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Here’s what Hrithik Roshan has to say about circulating Kangana Ranaut’s OBJECTIONABLE pictures

India TV Entertainment Desk 08 Apr 2016, 20:30:50 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: The acrimonious fight between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut is getting murkier with every passing day.

The war of words that started with Kangana calling Hrithik as her ‘silly ex’ and now has reached to the extent of slamming legal notices to each other and even filing FIR as well.

As per the recent buzz, Kangana Ranaut has accused the ‘Krrish’ actor of circulating her objectionable pics.

In fact, the diva’s lawyer even sent out a written complaint to the police commissioner.

However, Hrithik has an entirely different version of the story to narrate.

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The actor has striked back to all these allegations saying nothing like this happened. The actor has reportedly released an official statement through his lawyer Dipesh Mehta reads which states,

“My client has not circulated any questionable pictures as alleged by Kangana Ranaut and her lawyer.”

Now with ball being in Kangana’s court, we wonder how she along with her lawyer will prove the allegations they made against Hrithik Roshan.