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Justin Bieber India concert: Things Indian fans can expect from the Purpose tour

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 10 May 2017, 14:10:08 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

With the arrival Justin Bieber in India, the excitement level of Indian Beliebers is already at peak. His Indian fans are going gaga to tap their toes on the Canadian singer Bieber’s tune.

Bieber’s Indian fans are already thrilled for his concert, but there is something to disappoint you. Bieber is going to perform only for an hour in India, which can upset his fans. 

Well, to boost your excitement even higher, here are few little facts about Bieber and his concerts.

Bieber’s Live stunts:

Usually we have seen artists trying to keep themselves away from stunts and fight as a precautionary measure. Unlike others Bieber don’t shy away to pull his own stunts and he has been seen doing the same at many of his concert in past. 

Bieber doesn’t disappoint his fans:

Being one of the popular singing sensation, Bieber might have a huge fan following abroad and in India as well. And if you have a crush on him, you need not shy away as he is there for for you and not going to disappoint you anyway. 

Lip sync:

Bieber never likes to disappoint his fans and that’s why he lip sync his songs generally in his concert. Very few of you might be aware of this fact but in order to avoid any kind of hindrance in his show or any health issues he lip sync his songs.