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Kamal Haasan is the angriest person I’ve ever met, says Rajinikanth

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 06 Apr 2017, 17:27:16 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

‘’Only his two brothers, Chandra and Charu can candle Kamal’s anger. He is the angriest person, I’ve ever met in my life”, said Rajinikanth.

Superstar Rajnikanth expressed his concern for Kamal Haasan and said that the man has suffered huge loss. Rajnikanth said that whatever little money Kamal had made is mainly due to his elder brother Chandra Haasan. Rajinikanth said this at the memorial meet of Kamal’s elder brother. 

While addressing the media, Rajinikanth also wished for the good health of Kamal’s brother Charu.

Kamal also expressed his gratitude to Rajinikanth and said he is like a mentor to him. He said, “I’ve many brothers like Rajinikanth, can learn the art of money making and filmmaking from them”.

While talking about his brother Chandra during the prayer meet, Kamal said, “I can’t stop talking about my brother Chandra, he considered me as his own son. Talking about his noble qualities can’t be restricted to this memorial meet, would remember him forever. They way he handled people with great respect is incredible, he never appointed a maid to wash his clothes, he is a great cook.”