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Hrithik’s ‘fake’ email ID traced back to America. Was Kangana really talking to ‘imposter’ all this time?

India TV Entertainment Desk 13 Apr 2016, 21:59:08 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: A fake email id gained a lot of attention in the legal battle between actors Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan. If reports in media are to be believed, looks like the cops have traced the email ID and it has its roots in the United States of America.

When the two alleged exes slapped each other with legal notices, Hrithik said that he never contacted Kangana via email. Time and again he asserted that an imposter has been in touch with Kangana and he has nothing to do with the mails. Kangana and her lawyers have always contradicted Hrithik’s claims.

Hrithik had in March lodged a complaint with the cyber cell after which the cops started tracking the IP address of the mail and found it in America.

A senior police officer told a leading daily,

“We are investigating the matter. Hrithik had given information about (an) impostor conversing through the e-mail ID hroshan@email.com. We traced the IP address of the ID, and got location of a place in America. We suspect the e-mail is entirely operating from America.”

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This email id gained a lot of attention because private emails were exchanged between the two actors on it. The police officer confirmed that several photos and video clips of a private nature had been exchanged over the email address.

The existence of a fake email ID came under Hrithik’s attention when Kangana, at a birthday party, thanked him for congratulatory message on her performance in Queen. Hrithik, however, denied sending her any such mail. He said that Kangana has been conversing with an imposter but the actress maintained that she was actually speaking with Hrithik.

Interestingly, Hrithik had intimated the cyber cell about the imposter email ID last year in December itself but it was only in March that he filed a formal complaint.