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Kangana- Hrithik legal battle: Cops might have just found the GUILTY and its shocking!

India TV Entertainment Desk 06 Apr 2016, 17:36:01 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Legal battles have never benefitted celebrities of Bollywood and actors Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan are no exceptions. Both of them are renowned names of the industry but have recently tarnished each other’s image in the public.

It all started when Kangana called Hrithik her silly ex and unleashed havoc on their lives. What followed was them slapping legal notices on one other; Hrithik blamed Kangana for defaming him while the ‘Queen’ accused ‘Greek God’ for intimidation.  

While both of them are trying to prove that they are innocent, it seems the cops have found a side which has been wronged. And it is of Hrithik’s.

According to media reports, police officers are convinced that maybe Hrithik is the victim. One of Mumbai's top Police officers has revealed that Kangana’s reluctance to co-operate has raised questions over her credibility.

If reports are to be believed, Kangana has refused to hand over the laptop to police saying her device got corrupted and all data was lost. On the other hand, Hrithik has obliged to co-operate.

Also, it was alleged by Kangana that she received hundreds of mails, but investigations have proved that not a single message or text has ever been sent by Hrithik in the past three years, said the media reports.

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The fact that the two actors were never spotted together by paparazzi is working in opposite direction for Kangana, according to cops.

Kangana, has all this while been reluctant to accept that she was communicating with an imposter and not Hrithik himself, something which is not earning her good points in the eyes of cops. The source informed that the emails that were sent to the actress weren't even sent from India, but from US and held that Kangana should be more "worried about communicating with the imposter," especially since she has sent pictures and videos to him which can be leaked, said the report.