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Was Hrithik’s ex wife Sussanne making fun of his legal battle with Kangana in front of friends?

India TV Entertainment Desk 25 Apr 2016, 19:49:13 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Actor Hrithik Roshan’s life has been embroiled in controversy since co-actress Kangana Ranaut unleashed hell on him. Their back story, nasty allegations, rumoured affair, mails exchange, lawyer’s statements and what not is out in public domain for everyone to see.

While the two are going through a tragic and deeply disturbing phase of their lives, a closed one to Hrithik was overheard gossiping about the whole matter. The one in mention here is Hrithik’s ex wife Susanne Khan.

According to a news by a leading entertainment portal, Susanne at the Istanbul airport was speaking to Zayed Khan’s wife Malaika and her father Sanjay Khan at the place about it. Susanne was returning to Mumbai from Munich via Istanbul and was also accompanied by Zidaan, Aariz (Malaika’s kids), Hrehaan, Hridhaan (Sussanne’s kids) and their maid.

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An insider of a leading entertainment portal said,

“As I passed them, I heard them talking about Hrithik and Kangana‘s case. They continued walking so couldn’t hear what they were exactly talking about. However, I must add that they were so engrossed in their talk that they weren’t looking at their children and it was the maid who had to look after all four of them.”

Well, we don’t certify the credibility of the piece but it shouldn’t be hard to believe on it given that Hrithik and Susanne parted on bitter terms. Now if she was gossiping or feeling sorry for Hrithik, remains a question still. But seeing Susanne’s silence on the whole matter, we don’t think she is standing with Hrithik in these trying times.