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Kangana Ranaut’s lawyer says Hrithik Roshan is leaking her private photographs to malign her

India TV Entertainment Desk 07 Apr 2016, 18:41:05 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Actress Kangana Ranaut’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee today wrote to the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, stating that confidential emails and photographs of her client are being circulated by actor Hrithik Roshan to malign her.

In the legal tussle between the two stars of Bollywood, this statement by Kangana’s lawyer somewhere puts Hrithik in bad light. Last month, Hrithik sent a legal notice to Kangana for defaming her image, after she called the Greek God her ‘silly ex’. In return, Kangana slammed Hrithik with a legal notice saying which said that he has been threatening and intimidating her.

In his letter to the Commissioner of Police, Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan said that it is the police’s job to put a stop on such actions by Hrithik. The letter read,

“Your duty to prevent such cognizable offences as has been provided for under Section 149 and 150 of Criminal Procedure Code as well as your right to cause arrest of the accused person as provided for under Section 151 of the said Code”.

According to Kangana’s lawyer, her private and confidential emails as well as photographs etc. which were collected by Hrithik Roshan during his association with her, “are being malafidely and mischievously misused by him with criminal intentions of damaging her reputation”.  

Referring to his reply to the notice sent earlier by Hrithik, Rizwan said,

“As his notice received a befitting reply from me and he was not in a position to reply to the same, he is now indulging in these criminal acts to put fear in my client’s mind”. The letter sought police action against Hrithik and an end to the malicious campaign that he had allegedly embarked upon against his client.     

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A few days ago, media reports stated that Kangana is being reluctant to hand over a laptop to the cops, raising doubts on whether she was the one guilty in the already messy fight.

Rizwan, in his statement earlier today, rubbished such reports saying that no laptop was asked for. He bashed Hrithik saying that his team is using such tricks to misguide the media. According to them, these are tactics being used to turn the issue into a media trial with baseless judgements being passed without any proof.

Said Rizwan,

“In any event I am surprised as to on what grounds a media report is being carried that my client’s any specific laptop has been demanded by police. No such specific demand has been made yet and the generic Notice which was first sent by the Cyber crime wherein a demand of computer, laptop and phone etc. was made by them has been duly withdrawn and instead a request letter has been sent to my client in accordance with the provisions of Section 160 of CRPC.”

The lawyer further added,

“My client who has been shown as a victim in the FIR has never shown her dissent in recording her statement before the police. However, as per the provisions of law she wants to first verify the contents of the FIR and the statement made by Mr. Hrithik Roshan before the police, wherein he has also mentioned the name of her sister. The reason of mentioning the name of her sister needs to be duly ascertained.”