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‘I didn’t give my 100 percent’: Katrina Kaif blames herself for ‘Phantom’, ‘Fitoor’ failure

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 30 Aug 2016, 12:56:42 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

There is some closure for fans upset with the failure of ‘Fitoor’ and ‘Phantom’ -- Katrina Kaif’s last two releases -- at the box office. Katrina, the actress who hasn’t had a good run at the theatres lately, has blamed herself for the failure, saying she didn’t give her 100 per cent.

In a candid confession, the actress said that her priorities during the filming of these movies were different and that this failure has taught her a big lesson.

"I feel, in both those films (Phantom, Fitoor), my concentration was not 100 per cent. My priorities were slightly different at that point in time. I guess I was in a very relaxed space. My focus was not 1,000 per cent like it should have been on a film set. That was also an important lesson for me to learn. If a person takes things for granted or takes it easy, it will always show and the film will obviously suffer. I know I could have done better. Not that I didn’t try, I did. Especially in Fitoor, we all tried a lot. But maybe, I could have tried harder and could have given more,” Katrina told a leading daily.

Interestingly, this was the time when Katrina’s love affair with Ranbir Kapoor was going through a tough phase. In fact, the two broke up before the release of ‘Fitoor’ early this year.

Currently, Katrina is busy promoting her upcoming film ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ opposite Sidharth Malhotra. The actress is excited about the movie wherein she plays a 60-year-old.

“We had the best prosthetics team in the world. So I was very happy. We had loads of fun. Playing a 60-year-old was not even an issue. It was not distracting. Nitya (Mehra, director of the film) had done a lot of work with us. We didn’t just walk on to the set trying to execute this film. We had discussions about each phase. We did a lot of look tests to check how we looked. Nitya was very clear about how she saw both our characters at every age, knowing exactly what they would be feeling. That was priceless guidance to have,” Katrina said.

Directed by Nitya Mehra, ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ is scheduled to release on September 9.