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Katrina-Ranbir breakup: Is Ayan Mukerji the major reason they parted ways?

India TV Entertainment Desk April 29, 2016 22:39 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: The breakup of actors Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor may have been few months old, but the tinselvile is still not over it. The way they broke up has kept every gossip loving person busy. After months of speculations as to why they called it quits, a new reason has surfaced.

According to fresh reports in media, Ranbir’s good friend director Ayan Mukerji might have a role to play in the break-up. Ayan’s proximity with Ranbir apparently did not go well with Katrina.

A source close to the couple was quoted by a leading entertainment portal,

“Ayan has already taken a side and that is Ranbir. He has made it clear to Katrina that there is no chance or scope of any reconciliation. He wants to make a film with RK and he won’t let anything else come in the way of it.”

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The source also went on to add that Ayan is making sure Ranbir’s life sees less of drama. As his best friend, he wants the Kapoor scion to focus on his career only.

“Katrina blames Ayan for making things worse. She felt he could have intervened and helped things simmer down, but that didn’t happen,”

added the source.

We don’t know as of yet what Ayan has to say on it. But it cannot be denied that Ayan and Ranbir have been seen together quite a lot of times together post the split.