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Not loud but bang-on point: Milkha Singh replies to Salim Khan’s ‘rant’ and makes a lot of sense

This is what Milkha Singh has to say over Salim Khan’s ‘insensitive’ comment on him.
India TV Entertainment Desk April 26, 2016 18:28 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Sprint-legend Milkha Singh is one of the renowned sportsmen who are against the appointment of superstar Salman Khan as the goodwill ambassador for Indian contingent for Rio Olympics. The Flying Jat wanted someone from the sports arena to be given the opportunity to represent India.

However, Salman’s father Salim Khan couldn’t take the criticism and blasted on the legendary athlete saying that ‘film industry helped you from fading away’. He further went on to appreciate Salman’s capability in sports and even said that sports persons perform only because of sport lovers.

Such statements from the veteran screenwriter added more fuel to the ongoing controversy and a large number of people showed their discontent over his tweets.

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And now Milkha Singh himself has given back to father-son duo Salman and Salim Khan, though in subtlest way possible.

Talking to a leading english news channel, Milkha Singh said:

I said I do not want to speak on this. When press said that Salim Khan has spoken against me, it’s ok that Bollywood has made a film about Milkha Singh but Milkha Singh has given his story in one rupee. The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) should have thought of what’s the need of the ambassador. I’m saying that the team who all are going whether it is shooting, wrestling, boxing or athletics, they all are our ambassadors.

Out of 120 crore people in India, they have been our ambassador then what is the need of any other ambassador? If they have any function, will they put any sportsmen as their chairman or ambassador? They feel that they have done a favour on making a film on Milkha Singh, I will not agree to it, I have given them my story in one rupee and that’s not a small thing and they have made crores from the film. If Salman Khan’s father says that Milkha Singh has said anything wrong, then I don’t agree to it, because the entire nation is saying that I am right and they are with me”.

Totally! He deserves our respect.

Well! From this entire episode there are is one important learning point which needs to be focused upon.

It is - giving respect to our sport persons is an entirely different issue and whether Salman, being an actor, should be the brand ambassador of Rio Olympics is totally another. We shouldn’t mix the two.