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‘Naam Shabana’: Here’s what the film critics have to say

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 31 Mar 2017, 11:04:50 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Joining the league of action heroines, Taapsee Pannu made a powerful impact through her latest flick “Naam Shabana”. While Bollywood celebs and the audience were all praises for the actress, the film critics, with their eye for details, gave mixed reactions to Taapsee’s action skills.
Have a look at how the experts reviewed the film.

The first half indulges the protagonist and her love interest, Jai too much. It is only post-intermission, especially the last 35 minutes in which proceedings pick up. Sticking to a typical-action drama narrative that jumps from Mumbai to Goa, Vienna to Kuala Lumpur, with the arms dealer and the ISI agents playing a cat-and-mouse game, the film, is more an escapist fare than a realistic one.

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Taapsee delivers some knockout punches and is sincere enough. Manoj is brilliant, though he has just dialogue-baazi and no action to support him. As for Akshay, he is happy to lend his superstar-presence and bask in the girl power. So go ahead and salute his spirit.

Times of India 

Verdict: 3 stars

Many of the characters are familiar to us from Pandey’s Baby (2015) including Pannu’s Shabana; Naam Shabana gives us her backstory which involves a troubled childhood and a doomed relationship. Pannu left an impression in Baby. Here, she gets a role many leading ladies would kill for, and she is believable when she is throwing punches, and getting punched in turn, but right through she is strangely held in, and strictly one-note. Did she get stymied by the demands of her part, or was she instructed to keep her mien closed, leaving her much too stiff?

Indian Express

Verdict: 1.5 stars

The team of Naam Shabana – like the team of Akira last year – seems to have been more focused on making a film that can be labelled “women-centric”, rather than creating a woman character of some worth. In the absence of an engaging protagonist and well-thought-out script, what we get are efficiently choreographed action sequences, a slick appearance and a pace that is impressive at first until it adds up to nought when glaring loopholes and many unanswered whys start calling out.


Verdict: 1.5 stars

Naam Shabana takes the audience through the making of a spy, who protects her nation’s security against all odds. While Bollywood has seen numerous spy thrillers based on male characters, Naam Shabana, is the first ever Indian movie based on a woman spy -- Shabana. Her depiction of the character of a spy is all set to salute the spirit of all the nameless spies who courageously work every day to protect us.

Hindustan Times

Verdict: 3 stars

While in Baby, the climax is almost nail-biting, Naam Shabana makes it all too easy to get rid of the bad guy. If you want to watch Naam Shabana, do; just make sure you don't go in with the expectation of watching a riveting action-thriller like Baby.

India Today

Verdict: 2.5 stars

Known for making content driven films like A Wednesday and Baby, Naam Shabana is surely a disappointment from producer-writer Neeraj Pandey. However, the flak also goes to director Shivam Nair for a poor execution. First half is flat but raises high hopes in the second half but by then it is too late to even like it.

Deccan Chronicle 

Verdict: 2 stars