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Not only Disha Patani, these actresses also faced harassment in 2017

Tripti Karki New Delhi 29 Mar 2017, 19:14:11 IST
Tripti Karki

While harassment cases are nothing new in the film industry, there is something very disturbing about this year. Not even three months have passed, and several actresses have fallen prey to molestation.

In such a scenario, can an ordinary woman feel safe when even celebs are not spared?

Such question may seem bitter but it is the truth! And while, there is a thin line between being a fan and being a fanatic, some people cross the line only to create disturbance.

Here is the list of heroines who were harassed in 2017 

Disha Patani

The “Kung Fu Yoga “actress Disha Patani was stalked by a crazy male fan in Delhi. She was in capital to shoot for an ad, where a man followed her. 

Initially she thought that he is just a fan, trying to get in touch with her for a picture or an autograph. But things went out of control, when he started stalking her everywhere, right from her sets to malls to hotel. 

In fact, he indulged in a fight with a hotel member to meet Disha. However, the situation was under control thanks to her bodyguards.

Vidya Balan

The “Begum Jaan” actress Vidya Balan was harassed by a male fan at Kolkata airport recently.

She was flying out of Kolkata where she had been promoting the film with producer Mahesh Bhatt, and director Srijit Mukherjee. 

At the airport, a man came up to her and without asking permission, tried to touch her hand and put his arm around her waist.


Renowned, Malayalam actress Bhavava was allegedly kidnapped and molested by her former driver along with his friends in Kochi.

Reportedly, the incident took place when the actress was returning home from a shoot in Kerala's Ernakulam district. It is said that the accused then intercepted Bhavana's car, and abducted her. 

She was allegedly molested, and threatened with dire consequences inside the running car.

For about one hour she was in the car with them, and they kept driving. Later around 10.30 pm she was dropped near the place where she lived..

Sonu Walia

Yesteryear actress Sonu Walia filed an FIR stating that she has been receiving obscene phone calls, and vulgar videos on her phone.

She filed the complaint against unknown persons under sections 354 of IPC and other sections of the IT act at Mumbai’s Bangur Nagar police station.

The 53-year-old actress accused the unknown person of making several lewd phone calls, and sending dirty videos.

Sonu, who won the Miss India title in 1985, also said that she had warned the caller on the phone but he increased the frequency of obscene calls.