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‘People not interested to spend money on girl child cancer treatment’, says Imran

India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi 30 Mar 2017, 10:21:26 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

‘Delhi Belly’ actor Imran Khan, raising awareness about cancer said, people don't want to spend on the treatment of their daughter suffering from cancer. The actor, who has a daughter said he wants to change such people's mind.

"I am a father of a young daughter. And when I hear stories that someone doesn't want to pay for their daughter's treatment, I feel sad and remorseful. I don't understand it. So I think, I need to change people's mind. I am driven to do so as this is like a personal issue for me," Imran said on the sidelines of Helping Hands, an exhibition-cum-fundraiser held on Wednesday in aid of cancer patients.

"Though I am working with this cause for almost four years, this year we want to raise awareness about a new issue. Treatment of girl child. Unfortunately, due to gender bias and backward mindset, very often girls are not given full cancer treatment. People are not willing to spend money on girl child cancer treatment," said the "Delhi Belly" actor.

Imran further said, "We are trying to raise awareness and funds. So far through this event, we have raised Rs 21 lakh, which is all going towards cancer treatment, rehabilitation, accommodation and nutrition."

(With IANS Inputs)